Month: January 2014

Music Journal #002 – Metronomy

Second entry in the music journal of 2014 is Edwin Van Cleef’s remix for Metronomy’s 2013 single “I’m Aquarius”. It’s particularly fresh and uplifting, great for the dance floor or just to warm up these cold Winter days.

Metronomy are back in 2014 with the new LP “Love Letters”, scheduled to hit the shops in March 10. It’s their first studio album since the critically acclaimed “The English Riviera” was shortlisted for the Mercury Prize Album of the Year in 2011. “Love Letters” is one of the most anticipated British albums of the year and “I’m Aquarius” its first hit single.

Blue Monday – A Machine to Make People Dance

In summer 2013, Swedish National Television (SVT) produced a documentary about New Order’s 1983 iconic dance classic Blue Monday. From interviews with the original band members and Factory Records sleeve designer Peter Saville, they created a 30 minute documentary on the context, influences and development of this cult classic that, 30 years on, remains as the best selling 12” maxi-single in the history of music.

Lots of trivia and interesting facts to be found here, especially if you’re a fan of the band or have a general interest in electronic dance music. Watch the documentary from the SVT on demand website. It comes with embedded English subtitles.

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Music Journal #001 – Isaac Tichauer

Isaac Tichauer is a US-based, Australian DJ and electronic Producer, signed to FRENCH EXPRESS, and the creator of some of the best house tunes I have personally discovered in 2013. On December 25th, 2013 he released his own edit of Angie Stone’s classic “Wish I Didn’t Miss You” as a tribute and Christmas Gift to his Australian friends back home. I like it, so much that I decided to make it the first official music journal entry of my blog in 2014.

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