About My Blog

Great! Just what the world needs in 2014: more rubbish on the Internet.

I’m sorry, but if you’re looking for philosophical introspections, you may have the wrong guy here. I decided to create this blog in January 2014 to tell you about the three things I know and live for: Music, Coding and Jokes. That’s right, we’re not here to analyse the devastating effects of family debt, the destruction of the marine ecosystem of the virtues of daily exercising combined with a balanced diet. Music, Coding and Jokes. That’s all we’re here for.

My name is Andre Silva, I’m 28 years old and I’m just another expat making a living in London, the rainy capital of the United Kingdom. I work in the digital media industry as a Front End Web Developer of web sites, applications and products. That essentially means that I spend my living hours writing code to make websites and applications work. As such, I’m naturally passionate about IT and the myriad ways it shapes our day-to-day lives. Coding is a bit part of what I do and writing about it is one of the best ways to learn it. Not only it forces me to do my research, but also it allows me to better organise what I learn and remember easier and faster the specifics of what I’m playing with. Check out my GitHub if you’re curious about my work.

It’s not unusual to find people in this industry who are absolutely passionate about music. In fact, from my experience, the majority of developers I know do have an over-the-average interest in music listening and discovery. Music just goes along really well with that “zone” or mindset we all look for when we’re coding. It’s also the perfect complement to that hot cup of coffee we put on our desks before we spend hours writing our code. I’m no exception and I do love music more than anything else, so I’ll use this blog as my own personal music journal for the year of 2014 and beyond. Expect anything and everything, from alternative modern electronic to classic rock and new wave. Feel free to check out my Last.fm or SoundCloud if you want to know more about what makes my ears happy.

Last but not least, there’s Jokes. Now, here, you have to take this metaphorically. By jokes I mean comedy, any and everything that makes a good laugh. One liners, stand-up comedy, podcasts,  memes, fictional characters, funny news stories and everything in between. I like to believe I’m open minded enough to joke about everything, and that includes topics that are easily frowned upon, such as religion, disabilities, sexually transmitted diseases and things like that. I can’t write comedy so don’t expect much from me, but I do watch and read enough to know what makes a good laugh.

And that’s it. With the verbose introduction out of the way, the only thing left now is a Twitter follow or a quick look at my professional site.

I’ll see you around :)